Project O1 Concept

Most crowd funded wristwatch projects on the internet pitch themselves with a tangible benefit – either they are techie smart wristwatches or focus on material as a point of difference. Very few focus on pure aesthetics which is what Project O1 is about.

The O1 features a translucent case with a skeleton citizen miyota self winding mechanical movement. It looks fairly decent but it seems small for today’s preferred larger sizes – it’s 26 mm.


There’s very little information about the story behind the project and the person behind it. Instead it’s knee deep excessive marketing speak which was somewhat of a turn off. They may look pretty on a brochure but when it’s a crowdfunding project, you need to be a little more real.

An email later, all I’m made aware of is that it’s made by a French man in Barcelona named Matthieu Keller and will also be presented to the competition A’ Design Award 2014-2015.

Anyway, I wish it well. If the project for this design is successful, Mattieu intends to further develop this into a larger collection and this could possibly be the groundwork for a new brand. The first watch is intended for a retail price of 2000 Euros which is fairly pricey since you can get Seven Friday for that amount, but to be fair, the crowd-funded version available on indie-gogo is for a fraction of that price.

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