Fireflies on my Wrist



We’re seeing a new crop of bluetooth watches coming up on the horizon that act as a go-between your phone and you. Most of these watches are intended to pure functional gadget watches which makes Kei Kei by Takemura Ori is one of the first example of future fashion bluetooth watches where designers will develop eccentric interfaces.

The watch allows you to control your cellphone, get weather information and notifications with i-phone like gestures on a touch sensitive surface but you get your indications in the form of a swarm of fireflies that change their movement to indicate change in interface. This makes it less practical but that was not exactly the intention to begin with.

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  1. It’s amazing the way technology today is moving towards interlinking devices. I’m sure I can see myself contacting my mobile with my watch, but who knows in a few years, could be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The black colour is really nice and I do like the dots. On the price, it just looks a little high to me for what you are getting. Bluetooth is an interesting addition and really curious to know how all this will start to link together.

  3. Maybe that will change. I mean, the Euro is now so stnrog and all that. US currency is very weak, so I don’t think people keep buying watches like this. it’s really crazy how expensive these swiss watches become.

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