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General de Gaulle



Every year French brand, Lip, reissues an old classic from their back catalog. This year, they have launched two remakes – Lip De Gaulle and Himalaya. The original General de Gaulle 1952 watch featured an electronic movement and was not only worn by France’s President de Gaulle, but by Dwight Einsenhower and Bill Clinton. Both of whom are American Presidents. The General de Gaulle re-issue comes with an automatic movement.

The Himalaya is a homage to the original namesake created in 1954. The original Himalaya was popular with the sports playing crowd back in the day due to its shock resistance, though i don’t know if the re-issue is similar in nature.

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  1. I think the biggest appeal of the General de Gaulle 1952 model is its historical appeal to that moment in history after the Nazis had been defeated and France enjoyed a period of strong economic growth and European leadership. I imagine it will be quite popular on the continent for precisely those reasons.

  2. Not a brand I’m familiar with, although any watch with a lightning bolt for a second hand has at least done enough to earn my attention. Is that a trademark feature of theirs?

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