Suicide Wristwatch Ad


This is an old Vestal print ad that I had saved in a file somewhere. Probably the only Watch advertisement that depicts a fake suicide. :^)

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  1. Woolrich heeft een outlet store in hun hometown van Woolrich, PA. We bezochten, en ik wou dat ik zou zorgvuldig te hebben gecontroleerd

    onderzoek Chuck Y’s vooraf. Het is goed, veel van de kleding en uitrusting die ze verkopen (die hoofdzakelijk is voor jagers en vissers-en andere outdoor types) is gemaakt in China

    en India, en ze nog steeds lading prijzen zijn vrij hoog. (45,00 voor een flanellen overhemd?) Het was wel cool, niet zo mooi of zo groot als de Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA wel. Zeker

    een bezoek waard als je ooit in het gebied.

  2. I have received a bunch of great comments from others on the uniqueness of this watch. People really like it and they will let you know. They say it looks like a futuristic watch. I really like the colors and the look of it. It works well and does just what it is supposed to, look good and tell time. The only thing about this watch that doesn’t make it 5 stars is that it is really thin. So thin it seems like it would break pretty easily. But that being said it has been sturdy enough so far and I haven’t had any problems with it.

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  4. Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 15 40 Years Ago: This Apollo 15 could perhaps be my senocd favorite mission Speedmaster. The red, white and blue colors are used in a way that it doesn’t dominate the watch that much at all. The best part is on the case back though, a superb engraving of the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

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