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I'M Dubai

The I’m watch reeks of ‘Lets make an iphone for the wrist’. It’s a watch that allows you to make phone calls, listen to music and do everything you would imagine a mini iphone watch should do including having its own app store. The watch is currently set to have apps like Skype, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. There is no word about battery life and the watch borrows its visual language heavily from the iphone when it could’ve clearly avoided it thus making it feel like a glorified ipod nano knockoff.

The product is still very much a concept stage with a scheduled launch in September. Prices will range from a titanium model at 599€ to the most expensive white gold & diamonds model at 14,999€. I am not impressed.

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  2. “There is no word about battery life”. I think the word will be “short”. very is optional. Not what a watch should do, in my opinion.

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