Futuristic Watch Phone


The wrist is prime science fiction real estate and the concept rollerphone by Alexey Chugunikov makes good use of it – its a bracelet that tells the time, is a phone had as a transparent screen that projects on to your fingertips.





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Chugi via Design your Trust


  1. wow, is it real, i read article about car frontal glass that gonna be some thing like this, but this is really amazing specially for a idk lets say watch

  2. WOW… Good on Alexey Chugunikov! This may not be the prettiest timepiece ever to sit on somebody’s wrist, but it certainly is revolutionary. I can see these things taking off, if he can find a good partner to help manufacture/market them properly.

  3. Is this real? I think this is a science fiction. very advance and futuristic a combination of watch and phone. Great post! Buying Swiss watches is definitely a great investment.

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