From April, 2011

Suicide Wristwatch Ad

This is an old Vestal print ad that I had saved in a file somewhere. Probably the only Watch advertisement that depicts a fake suicide. :^) related links Vestal Watches

Tokujin Yoshioka for Issey Miyake

This year’s two new additions to the Issey Miyake wath range are by two famous japanese designers. Tokujin Yoshioka and Naoto Fukasawa. Since there are no press images available, I’m only able to post Tokujin’s watch that builds on his current transparent style that dominates his work. The Water Bar The Swarovski store by Tokujin The Invisible (chair) related links Issey Miyake Watches

Cinco: Nixon Collaborators

Matt Capozzi of Cinco The Unit by Cinco for Nixon The RPM by Cinco for Nixon by Adnan Arif Editor There are a lot of new fashion watch brands launched every year but there are very few that truly breakout. Even rarer is a long term collaboraton between a breakout brand and a design firm that has gone from strength to strength each year. Such is the relationship between Nixon and Cinco. Established in 1997, Nixon was an attempt to reboot the wristwatch accessory market in the action sport genre. Watches previously sold in skate and surf shops didn’t serve…

I am not impressed

The I’m watch reeks of ‘Lets make an iphone for the wrist’. It’s a watch that allows you to make phone calls, listen to music and do everything you would imagine a mini iphone watch should do including having its own app store. The watch is currently set to have apps like Skype, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. There is no word about battery life and the watch borrows its visual language heavily from the iphone when it could’ve clearly avoided it thus making it feel like a glorified ipod nano knockoff. The product is still very much a concept stage…

The Hamilton Electric

Collector’s Weekly did an interview with Vintage Wristwatch Collector and Author Jeff Hess which includes an interesting anecdote about how he hunted down the designer of the Hamilton Electric movement: One guy led to another who led to another, and finally one guy said, “Oh, yes, those were designed by old Richard Arbib.” And the name came forward – Richard Arbib. I asked if he was still living, and they said, “Oh, I’m sure he’s long gone,” but not wanting to give up, I got back on the telephone. I started in Pennsylvania where Hamilton was, calling all around the…

Swatch x Faces

Amazing photoshoot by photographer Paul Graves for Swatch that will be published this month in the Swiss magazine Faces. related links

Breil Design Contest

Breil is reaching out to the international design community for inspiration for their collection. They’ve teamed up with designboom for a competition where they will be doling out 3000 euros to each of the top three designs. This isn’t one of those hypothetical design fiction competition. They are seeking an attractive, feasible design, analog, stainless steel that they can manufacture. I can’t wait to see what the competition turns up. related links Design Time International Design Competition Breil

Futuristic Watch Phone

The wrist is prime science fiction real estate and the concept rollerphone by Alexey Chugunikov makes good use of it – its a bracelet that tells the time, is a phone had as a transparent screen that projects on to your fingertips. related links Chugi via Design your Trust

The President’s Watch

General de Gaulle Himalaya Every year French brand, Lip, reissues an old classic from their back catalog. This year, they have launched two remakes – Lip De Gaulle and Himalaya. The original General de Gaulle 1952 watch featured an electronic movement and was not only worn by France’s President de Gaulle, but by Dwight Einsenhower and Bill Clinton. Both of whom are American Presidents. The General de Gaulle re-issue comes with an automatic movement. The Himalaya is a homage to the original namesake created in 1954. The original Himalaya was popular with the sports playing crowd back in the day…

Watch Necklace

I found this image of a man wearing his watch collection as a bling neck piece and found it intriguing enough to post it. In fact, I think I wouldn’t mind seeing this catching on.