The Real Story behind Nixon’s New Color


The thing about color plating a wristwatch is that there aren’t many colors that are stable enough to withstand the daily use of a wristwatch, so we are limited to gold, rose gold, black and most recently brown. Fossil found a way around it by adding a coating of rubber in order to get other colors but that’s about it. If you ever wanted to do any other color you would use other materials i.e. ceramic, rubber, plastic .etc. But if you ended up using the plating method, you would be doing it at the risk of the color coming off from the wear and tear.

So when Nixon decides to do a light blue color on the watches, it isn’t doing anything special except taking the risk that their core audience would accept the color chipping away as part of the appeal of the watch. The marketing spin is that Nixon developed quote unquote Chromacoat technology which would allows the new color to wear and tear differently in order to create an individual watch for each wearer. Despite this spin, its still fresh to see the brand taking a risk with a new color and trying to turn the obvious wear and tear dilemma into a design feature.




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