Baselworld 2011 coverage


I am at Baselworld again this year. First impressions – despite the positive spin taking place here, you can feel the recession. Just like last year, a number of brand withdrew from exhibiting. Some brands seem to have gone desperate imitating the current trend of colorful rubber watches aka the Toywatch train, most notably Haurex.

Due to the natural disaster in japan, japanese brands like Seiko aren’t able to take in orders because their movement supply has been disrupted and overall, the fair feels a little muted.

Anyway, for the next few days, I will be covering the fair. For a direct link to the coverage, hop over to our Baselworld section.



The new Gucci collection



The Hermes booth emphasized their entry into movement manufacture (link)


Haurex pulls a desperate move and moves into Icewatch territory with their own rubber colorful collection. Each of the watches are packed in a can in imitation of the icewatch packaging that uses a lego motif.


The Tag Heuer press kit.

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