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We’ve seen a number of online stores dedicated to vintage fashion wristwatches, but none of them offline and certainly none of them with a ‘Wimps stay out’ sticker running across it’s front windows, that is, until I spotted a small french wristwatch chain that not only housed a few vintage favorites but had its own eccentric look and feel.

The store’s called Chez Maman which is french for ‘In/to Mama’. I’m not going to pretend that I get the slang in the name but it’s definitely not a traditional cookie cutter watch store.

So I chatted up Eva, the owner of the store and this is what she had to say about her store:


Adnan: I like the look and feel of your store. It’s got it’s own unique flavor. What was your idea behind doing the store the way you did?

Eva: Unfortunately I don’t have any great story behind…I’m not really a “watchperson” from the beginning, but I’ve always been working with fashion or interior decoration.

Adnan: So what are watches to you?

Eva: For me the watches I sell are really only accessories, not really what you would call “timepieces”. Perhaps some of the vintage could be, because they are rare but not the new brands.Most of my clients come back regularly to buy, like they were buying jewellery or clothes.

In my shop, decoration and music is very important. It’s a concept where I want the clients to enjoy their time in the shop but also start to see watches as accessories and not only like something they buy and then keep using every day for the next ten years. I think that’s more the work of Rolex… I’ve become very passionate about watches since I started but I still can’t open one up to look inside (ha ha).






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