From November, 2010

New Brand: Tamawa

TW 25 Python TW 35 40 The New japanese brand, Tamawa, centers its entire collection of accessories including watches on the purity of the surface of bakelite beads. Seen above are the TW 25 Python and TW 35 40. related links Tamawa (Via Mocoloco)

Watch of the Year

Bulgari Octo Bi-Retrograde Every year, for the past 17 years, the magazine Montres Passion has been awarding the Watch of the year prize by selecting the winners from among forty finalists. These finalists are selected from hundreds of watches that became available in the Swiss market during the previous year and then are further scrutinized by a jury of watchmaking professionals. For this year, the Octo Bi-Retrograde steel-ceramic by Bulgari was selected as the winner. The second prize went to the Annual Calendar by Patek Philippe (Ref. 5205) and the third to the Miss Golden Bridge of Corum. The Corum…

Casio Design Language matures

The Casio G-Shock x Jason G-001 The G-001 is based on the famous DW-001 from 1994 If you’ve been following Casio’s recent popularity (and I’m not saying that they weren’t popular before), you would’ve noticed how their seemingly no-nonsense utilitarian excess aesthetics is currently trending very well in the global street culture market. Well, the brand recently updated their line’s design language by embracing their cult status and recent fashion trends into account by further playing up the details on the watches. For example the G-001 has a visible strap insertion. Well, it’s not an insertion anymore. It’s the added…

The Anti

The Anti is a simple customizable wristwatch that allows you to change the band easily. It exists as a concept only and was developed by designer Manuel Lopez as an example of a wristwatch that could be potentially manufactured in his native Argentina for the South American market and even though he conceived of it in 2006, it remains relevant as far as current market trends in the watch market. related links Anti by Manuel Lopez Revol

Guess Fall Collection

A good recession keeps fashion watch brands well-behaved – Guess’s latest fall collection is far more restraint and conservative than their usual. Below are a selection of models that color within the lines: Guess Eurosport W12621G Authentic Guess – W15062G1 Urban Casual W95111G1 related links Guess Watches

Paper Casio

Beautiful papercraft model of a Casio wristwatch. related links Paper Casio (via Unplggd)

Retro watch inspired jewelry

We’ve seen these type of phantom watches before – bracelets that references wristwatch aesthetics but this is the first one that references the retro casio look. Designed by Denise Julia Reytan, the jewelry is called the T1mepeace and it retails for between 139-149 euros. related links Reytan: T1mepeace

Harry Winston, Lamborghini and more

The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept) We interviewed Nicolas Lehotzky, a promising young designer, a few years ago about some very impressive wristwatch concepts he had designed (You can see them here). Since then, he has worked briefly for a wristwatch company and now runs his own studio out of his native Switzerland. We followed up on him to see some of this work since then. The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept) The Radeon for Harry Winston (Concept). Both the Icarus and the Radeon feature a minute hand that is held by a vertical support structure. The inspiration for the…

No-nonsense Elegance

Touch screen, elegant tilt display, vibration alarm, the Mutewatch (No spaces) is no-nonsense understated elegance for the iphone generation – it has a gesture based navigation where you swipe horizontal to scroll between timer, clock and alarm functions. To delete an alarm you’ve set – just pinch it and it will be erased. I hope this watch (priced at 199 Euros) turns to be as good as it sounds when it comes out. related links Mute Watch

The watch with the many faces

Usually when I see a concept wristwatch like Igor Chak’s “Watch oNe”, I dismiss it as vaporware because production costs and the required manufactured quantity to create an experimental e-ink display watch at this point in time can be discouraging. However, this one is ‘chalked’ up for a March 2011 release. The Watch oNe is the watch of the near future – It’s a watch where you can change the display on it according to your mood, sync new ones via a usb interface and download or create your own display. You can also upload it to an online store…

The Zenith Bump

The Zenith Christophe Colomb is a limited edition tourbillon wristwatch, limited to 25 pieces each in white, rose and gold. The brand tries to borrow a little bit of historical association by naming the watch after Christopher Columbus in order to make reference to that era’s struggle to achieve precision measurements with instruments and by that connection, a reference to Zenith’s own exploration in that regard leading up to this wristwatch with the eye-catching iconic bubble glass capsule. related links Zenith