Harry Winston, Lamborghini and more

HW1 Icarus

The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept)

We interviewed Nicolas Lehotzky, a promising young designer, a few years ago about some very impressive wristwatch concepts he had designed (You can see them here). Since then, he has worked briefly for a wristwatch company and now runs his own studio out of his native Switzerland.

We followed up on him to see some of this work since then.

HW2 Icarus

The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept)

HW1 Radeon

The Radeon for Harry Winston (Concept). Both the Icarus and the Radeon feature a minute hand that is held by a vertical support structure.

HW2 Radeon

HW3 Radeon

RADEON Inspiration SeaShadow

The inspiration for the Radeon watch came from the Sea shadow navy vessel

Lamborghini Co-Branding

Lamborghini Reventon (Concept)


The Skywatch

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