Apple’s unofficial wristwatch



The Tiktok standard strap kit

By now you may already be aware of the Ipod multi-touch nano is Apple’s unofficial wristwatch – every day on the internet, companies are churning their own version of a strap kit for the device. The most recent and the best one proposed is by Scott Wilson which also happens to be the first one by someone who has previously worked in the wristwatch industry. I’ve three things to say on this:


The Luna Tik strap kit

1. The wrist is prime next generation personal technology real estate. The technology to create that said next generation wristwatch is already here. The only thing that is keeping it from getting to market is the economics of building it. Traditional wristwatch companies either do not have the incentive to build because they would entering the electronics market which is riskier – higher minimum order quantity, more design investment.etc, or don’t care. So it’s either going to be a new company of dreamers like Cognitime or Mutewatch taking the risk or someone’s going to make a small enough device that others are going to build straps for and that is what the untapped potential of the ipod is.


2. Scott Wilson setup a kickstarter page. Kickstarter is a website that creatives can use to raise funds, whether its for a music label or a film project. Scott used it to raise funds or pre-orders for his ipod strap project. His goal was $15,000. His target was to raise it in 30 days. He had asked people to pledge $25 if they wanted the basic version and $50 for the premium strap kit. At the time of writing this, he was three days in with $157,912 pledged by 2161 backers. This is significant because it shows that a major financial barrier to entry for any young wristwatch designer is potentially lowered. I can easily think of a number of concept wristwatch designs that could use firestarter to raise enough funds to get their watches built.



3. Who is Scott Wilson? Scott is a product designer slash design enterpreneur that we have previously covered on this blog. You can read about his keynote presentation at the Hong Kong Watch and Clock fair 2008 and his new design startup Uncommon, through which he promises to unveil a customizable wristwatch that allows the consumer to upload their design and have it printed on his wristwatch.

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