The MB&F Thunderbolt




MB&F continues to get creative with the revelation of their new aviation inspired complex mechanical wristwatch called the Thunderbolt. Founder Maximilian Busser explains how personal this design was for him:

Because from the age of 8 to 12-13 I spent every free minute crafting model airplanes… They were everywhere in my room. Hanging from the ceilings, accumulating on the shelves, in the cupboards. I would spend hours assembling, modifying, painting anything which had two wings. HM4 is a very personal interpretation of what would happen if you crossed a piece of ultra high end horology with the world of aeronautics.

You can watch a video of the wristwatch over here.



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  1. I love this very unique time pieces! their craftsmanship is unmatched, hope to own one soon.

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