Let’s play a game


The L.E.D Eruidi L69-085OE-GSL


The Nooka Zot

Let’s play a game: One of these watches is a blatant rip off of the other, One of these watches just isn’t original, Can you guess which one is a copy of the other by the time I finish my song?

Answer: It’s the L.E.D L69-85OE-GSL that looks uncomfortably close to the Nooka Zot. I spotted this at Basel 2010.

L.E.D is designed by a automobile designer named Mr. Adolf Indermaur.

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  1. isn’t this old news…!!!
    +Basel fair was months back.
    you are late reporting this.
    Besides i don’t think copying NOOKA was a great thing as it does not look something out of the box either, if you know what i mean.

  2. You’re right baselworld is months back but unfortunately i wasn’t able to finish all my posts regarding it because of work. also regarding nooka: you’re right. i know what you mean. unfortunately most brands usually are starving for ideas and try to piggy back on trends that they think work.

    btw, if you are indeed Mr. Ahmed of Ahmed and seddiqi, then i’m flattered that you visited my site. thank you.

  3. I was just doing some surfing on my iPhone during my break at my work place, and I happened across something I thought was intriguing. It linked over to your website so I jumped over. I cant really figure out the relevance between your site and the one I came from, but your site good none the less .

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