From October, 2009

Jasper does Rado

I’m not a very big fan of Rado but I do like this new model called the r5.5 by Jasper Morrison. It was first launched during the vienna design week in austria, and will be gradually introduced to the world market soon. related links Designboom: Rado r5.5 watch by Jasper Morrison

Limited Edition Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross new limited edition timepiece creates a circular radar display using three discs with a small protruding hand as rotating hands thus mimicing the look of a radar. Limited to 500 pieces. related links Bell & Ross (via Kanye)

Time Sharing Watch

A watch is not only used by a wearer to tell time but to tell others as well. Design studio Maezm’s new concept watch makes that practice of sharing even more convenient by changing the placement of the watch display by 90 degrees so you can share more easily. You can achieve the same result with the ‘Skew’ by Ross Mcbride (link) related links: Maezm (via Designboom)

Barb Berry

Burberry has launched a limited edition set for men and women this fall. The ladies watch is limited to 50 units and will retail at 800 USD, whereas, the men’s is limited to 60 units and will be sold at 1265 USD. I like both of them, though i think they should’ve made them part of their permanent collection. related links Burberry (via Trend Hunter)

Pointless Exercise

Now imagine if you’re automotive designers Andy Shaw and Robert Silkstone and you decided to develop your own range of watches? And why not? Watch brands have for decades associated themselves with cars and if they could do it,so could you. And even better, you would go one step further, you would create these watches using your ‘automotive engineering methods’ and intensive manufacturing techniques like spark erosion and wire-EDM machining combined with laser engraving to create something … ordinary? I doubt you would, but their two debut models, Britannic and Vanguard-Precision don’t look too impressive especially since they are priced…

Marc Ecko x Star Wars

This has already made the rounds on the blogs so I’m a little late to this, but Marc Ecko/Timex may be doing a Star Wars collaboration for the 2009 Holiday season. Since it’s mid October, I would’ve imagined it would be out now. On a side note: I’ve been following on Timex’s initiative to go high-end and I noticed on one of the posts regarding the Star Wars collaboration that Stephen Scholz was now the Global Brand Director for Timex. I remember him as the Brand Manager for Ecko watches at Callanen back in 2005 before Timex purchased the company…

Breaking the Mould

Sol by Shin Azumi Untrod is a mysterious project (Mysterious because I couldn’t find a link for it anywhere) that collaborates with international designers on various project themes. Coincidently the first theme is about watches. For the project, designers were asked to investigate the possibility of bringing new meanings to the conventional form of a watch. Below are some of the design concepts and I hope to dig up all of them: The Sol, pictured above, is a solar powered watch that features the cell technology on the face instead of disguising it. (I’ve done a similar design myself minus…

All of Marc Ecko’s bases are belong to Timex

Pardon the title of this entry, it’s a reference to a hilarious internet meme. Anyway, Recession has been good for Timex. Marc Ecko, having incurred $170 million in debt, moved out of his $9 million office and sold his brand’s wristwatch license to Timex’s subsidiary, Callanen International. This move was further encouraged by Callanen’s previous experience with Guess where Fossil tried to snatch the license away from them. related links Ecko puts his HQ on market

The Zaz

When I was a kid, there used to be a popular desk clock where the digits would appear on a see-through screen. Nooka brings back that technology for it’s latest Zaz model. The luxury model uses the ZENV movement which means the first two bars indicate the hours, the third one represents the minutes. The RRP is 395 USD. related links Nooka Zaz

Interview: Jason Ice

Jason Ice The Braun – DZ7080 by Adnan Arif I’ve always had an affinity for Diesel watches so I could not believe my good luck that I was able to put a face to some of my favorite designs when I recently came across Jason Ice. Jason nests at Fossil and designs for the Diesel license. He was kind enough to talk to me about his work: Wrist: Part of Diesel’s appeal is that their designs are fresh in an industry where most brands are watered down licenses that play it safe. Most of the more interesting work done in…