From June, 2009

Aural Pleasure

The Pulsograph (Video Presentation) Spent a truckload on your mechanical wristwatch and have a burning desire to display it the way it deserves? Design firm Dietlin has something for you – It’s called the Pulsograph and it not only displays your watch but it enhances the mechanical sound of the watch for your aural pleasure (see video). The Pulsograph is currently a prototype. related links Dietlin

The Anti-Fashion Fashion wristwatch

dz4160 dz5172 You’ve to give it to Diesel for being fresh with such consistency. This year, they made me do a double take when i first spotted the dz4160 shown above. At first I thought it was photoshopped. Renzo Russo, the man behind Diesel calls this – his company’s ability to innovate in stagnant fashion markets as the ‘Diesel treatment’. In a recent book, Wilbert Das, Diesel’s creative director, explained their approach further: “We’ve always been fascinated by things that are kitsch, colourful, decorative. Sometimes we refer to it as “retro-futuristic”, but that doesn’t quite capture it. We like to…

Long Lost Brothers

Christian Audigier’s special edition Jovial’s new baby Both these brands are not interested in ripping each other off. Both these brands got the same watch, so what’s going on? related links Christian Audigier Jovial

Rolex x Cartier

There was a time when Rolex would write down the name of the retailer on the face of the wristwatch and there was a time when Cartier used to sell Rolexes in their stores. Put two and two together and you’ve got a stack of antique Rolexes out there with the Cartier signature like this 1967 Double Red Sea Dweller up for auction that has a pre-sale estimate of between $25,000 to $45,000. Credit: Hodinkee for spotting this. related links Antiquorum

The real AnaDigi watch

The Post-it watch only receives email and has an acid-etched glass on top which allows the user to scribble notes on the surface. This is the first wristwatch to combine an analog interface (pen/pencil) with a digital one. Designed by Industrial Facility for Seiko and selected for the 1999 Industrial Design Yearbook. I think this was always meant to be a prototype. related links Industrial Facility

Smash proof clocks

Imagine a clock that you can smash all you want and it won’t break. Keep Imagining because that clock doesn’t exist. However, Matthias Lange here, has come up with a prototype called ‘Smash’ that not only takes a beating but encourages you to by making it part of its interface. You have to punch it to stop it ringing. related links Matthias Lange

Bead Clock

Thorunn Arnadottir’s bead clock is a necklace where each bead represents 5 minutes. The orange and red beads represent hours. As the wheel on which it rests, turns, one bead falls off thus counting the passing of time. To tell the time, one has to count the beads and to help with that, Thorunn has a silver bead for midnight and a golden one for noon. According to Thorunn, his prototype’s goal was to create a more ‘emotional’ perception of time and to take it further, you could express your freedom from time by removing the beads from the wheel,…

This is more than a wristwatch

If the Onion, the fake news humor site, wrote a parody of a wristwatch press release, this would be it: In a world of constant reflection on the past and constant worry about what tomorrow may bring, the main goal of the Now is the Time wristwatch is to inspire timekeepers to live in the only moment that matters – right now. Void of numbers, the Now is the Time wristwatch is instead filled with a uniquely inspirational message. In place of the missing digits, the words “Now is the Time” are laid out in typical clocklike fashion. “This is…