An entire new wristwatch brand made of wood



Tissot was the first wristwatch company that decided to experiment with different materials: They made the first watch out of plastic, mother of pearl, stone and of course, wood. However, all these shenanigans ended when the company was acquired by the Swatch Group.

Cue a few decades later and wood texture was hip again what with Nixon and its Rotolog, Vestal went all out with wooden dial for Paul Frank (Vestal is the license holder for Paul Frank watches) and Quiksilver one upped them all with a complete wooden special edition watch. And now, a new brand named Mica is entering the market this summer (2009) with what looks like an entire brand of wooden watches targeted the surfer/action sport community. (Also. I don’t want to skip Romain Jerome that used remains of famous tragedies or places i.e. titanic watch as inlays)

Mind you, while all of this was going on, unhip Joswissa always had a wood wristwatch collection (even a rock one too). Anyway, back to the Mica, there is no information about the price point.

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  1. botched the html on rotolog :)

    wood and wristwatches seems like the intersection of my two favorite things but these just aren’t doing it for me… i want the feel of a natural finish guitar, or a fine piece of furniture.

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