From December, 2008

Today in History: The Astron Watch

Thirty nine years ago today, Seiko launched the Astron in Tokyo that was the world’s first quartz wristwatch. When it first came out, it sold at a retail price of US$ 1,250 which was equivalent to the price of Toyota and sold 100 units of it in the very first week. The technology went on to shake up the entire industry including the Swiss watch industry. related links Astron (Wikipedia)

The Hands Don’t Move

The ‘Watch’ is a concept digital watch by Stas Aki that uses the analog hands as decoration rather than to tell time. The hands remain still, each pointing towards the relevant digital display. related links Stas Aki’s Watch [Video]

Shake to Wake

The Minute Glass ia concept clock that requires no batteries or current. It wakes you up to your favorite radio station but it won’t shut off until you’ve shaken it until it has enough energy for it to wake you up the next day. With no snooze button, this really makes you to wake up. related links:

Bulgari’s PR Blunder

So What do you do when your 125 year old company’s profits drops 44% in the last quarter and your stock isn’t looking so good? If you work in the luxury market, You cut costs without risking harming the brand’s image of opulence as in the case of Bulgari who has been renegotiating existing leases, pressing suppliers for better deals, introducing lower-cost boxes and bottles that may be cheap but customers may not know the difference. NOT do something stupid like stop polishing the $10,000 wristwatch to save a few cents and then show the dull underside of your expensive…

Ikepod Solaris

After twelve years, Marc Newson finally shifts to a new look for his brand, Ikepod, with his Solaris wristwatch. related links Ikepod (via Acquire)

Kissing Cobra Watch

The Kissing Cobra is a concept bracelet watch by Ukrainian designer Andy Kurovetsis. It features two small screens on either end. One indicating hours and the other minutes. related links (via TDB)