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Hour Glass Clock

A clock shaped like a hour glass. The Red indicator line shows hours (bottom) and minutes (top).

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The Prada Link

Prada and LG are back with a new phone and this time they’ve also launched a “Prada Link” wristwatch that works like the Sony Ericsson bluetooth one – It vibrates when you receive a call, let you check the Caller Id, Call History and alert you of incoming text messages and calls. Other features include World Time, Stop watch, Alarm and a battery indicator. The watch uses a Mono PM-OLED display, is 3ATM and needs 2.5 hours to charge.

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Prada Phone by LG

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Customize Rolex with Flash

Jewelry Store + Rolex = Customized Rolex = Old News, but Jewelry Store + Flash Website + Rolex = Customized Rolex = Interesting.

Bamford & Sons allows you to customize a Rolex Submariner like you would customize a car.

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Bamford Watch Dept

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Sector Morse Code Watch

Sector has embedded a Compass Torch on the side of one of their watches. The torch is to be used for transmitting morse code. Currently the watch is a Japan-only release and is priced at USD 620.

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Sector No Limit (Via Gizmodo)

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Takashi Murakami Wristwatch

Fashion Label, XLarge recently collaborated with Takashi Murakami on a wristwatch repurposed from Citizen.

The packaging

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XLarge x Takashi Murakami

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November 17, 2008

Hublot Limited Edition Skis

Luxury watchmaker Hublot, a recent member of the Louis Vuitton All Stars, has teamed up with Zai to create a limited edition ski called the Hublot All Black. Only 111 sets have been produced and they will be available exclusively through Hublot and Zai outlets.

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(via Born Rich)

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November 15, 2008

More Watches

Platinum (link)

Offbeat watches and clock spotted at Spring, a design gallery in NY.

Target (link)

Grandfather Clock (link)

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November 14, 2008

Nooka Zon

The New Nooka Zon. SRP $650.

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November 11, 2008


Designer Rolf Sachs’s limited edition watch for Fortis called the Momento.

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Fortis (via Dezeen)
Rolf Sachs

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Saw off your own Clock

Time telling products have always leveraged their production process as part of their storytelling in order to add an emotional value. Maria and Piotr from Gogo borrow this age old meme with a fresh approach – they made multiple clocks in a single length of raw pinewood with the intention of involving the customer in the process by making them hack their item from the log thus creating their personal touch and hopefully, some emotion attachment to the item.


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