The Future belongs to Personal Sensory Devices

During a recent interview with Xconomy, Intel’s Global Research Head, Andrew Chien, shared his vision of how one of the direction technology was taking was towards personal sensory devices:

“We call it Essential Computing. About two and a half years ago, when I started at Intel, we took a hard look at where computing is going. The big change is that computing is moving from work-oriented tasks to social and communication-oriented applications, including health and well-being.

The effort rests on two main pillars or technological thrusts. The first is new functionality that will allow computing devices to sense and be aware of everything from your emotional state to who your friends are. To some extent, that’s happening already. The second pillar is motivated by the dirty secret of the IT industry—our technology is hard to use. It often lets us down. We need to make technology something you’d depend on for sensitive communications with people important to you. In the end, it’s about making computing devices simpler and easier to use. It’s like your wristwatch. It’s got to become that integrated and that reliable.”

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