From October, 2008

Oakley price lower after buyout

Oakley’s watches seems to lowered its entry level price point after their acquisition by Italian eyewear maker Luxottica Group purchased it in an all cash deal of $2.1 billion. There were rumors at Basel world that things may change in terms of product design in order to reduce the cost of production after the departure of founder James Jannard, however I can’t confirm this. John Biggs of Wristwatch Review has more on this. related links OakleyLuxottica (Wikipedia)

Coat of Arms

Angular Momentum’s new Coat of Arms wristwatch with a self-winding mechanical movement. related links Angular Momentum

LCD layers in watches?

Designer Mac Funamizu came up with an idea for a cell phone / upmc that used two layers of LCDs together to create a sense of depth. No reason why we can’t do this on watches as well, is there? See below for images of his concept gizmo:

New Brand: Rebellion

Sometimes when you cut the Pr speak in a news release, you may end up with just one meaningful sentence in an entire page of ‘hand crafted’ and ‘state of the art’ hype i.e. Rebellion is a new Swiss made automatic brand that has launched a tourbillion as it’s first watch. related links Swiss Time

Interview: Matthew Waldman of Nooka

Matthew Waldman by Adnan Arif Four years ago, a frustrated creative took a chance and released two limited edition watches. Today, Matthew Waldman is the man behind Nooka, a fashion forward brand that has enjoyed a lot of love from the media and celebrities alike. He’s even featured in a new book called Design Enterpreneur by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Recently, I got the chance to catch up with him: Wrist: When I first interviewed you back in 2004, you had just parted ways with Seiko and were about to launch a limited edition Nooka despite some skepticism from…

Tag Heuer now into luxury hard drives

The October 2008 issue of Wallpaper has an article on the new Tag Heuer’s new luxury phone, Meridiist that reveals a little more about how Tag is currently positioning itself. In the article, Jean-Christophe Babin, President and CEO of Tag Heuer is quoted to have said that ten years ago, they were “only known for sports watches. Now in ten years time, they’ll be the luxury technology design brand of the 21st century.” It also reveals that Tag has also launched it’s own hard drives and usb sticks but have limited the launch to just the Japanese market. This, in…

A Clock and a Stool

Tape Measure Clock Japanese Design collective, N.O.L have a thing for off beat clocks as you can see from the amount of concepts they’ve developed including two where they combined stools with clocks. The first concept is called the Tape Measure Clock that show the current time not only from the front but also from the side. The Dim clock The Dim clock indicates the time with LED behind the fabric. Felt Clock and Stool The Felt Clock and Stool is an unusual combination where the face of the stool can be reused as a clock. The stool…


Kiri is a milky watch by Masayuki Kurokama with a soft textured silicone belt and a fogged up glass. related links Kiri

Liquid Color

Yes, this is unrelated but it isn’t a stretch that this could be applied to watches. Portuguese designer, Luis Porem has created what he calls the RGB Rainbow Glasses. The glasses contain an internal channel where colorful ink can be filled in to create your own colors. related links Luis Porem (via Gems Sty


U-Boat Wannabe?

Tsovet is one of many new watch brands that have jumped into the U-Boat aesthetic bandwagon – large, minimal watches with a large typeface and a soviet themed utilitarianism. However, I admit I liked the one pictured above on the left and who knows, they’ll find their way in this crowded watch market. The company…