World’s First DIY Watch

David Jones, an Australian professional electronics design engineer has created a scientific calculator watch that is assembled from off the shelf parts. He calls it the μ Watch (Micro Watch) and it isn’t limited to just being a calculator – It has a programming port, universal I/O port and optional infrared remote interface which lets you connect it to anything. According to him, it’s really a powerful general computing and control platform so if you want a watch that controls the TV, plays games or commands other user-designed devices, just add some software.

Jones has released his μ Watch source code under the GPL to encourage third-party development, and he sells kits for those interested in building one. He includes a complete schematic and detailed photos on his website.

In a quote from the website Make, Jones talks about how the D-I-Y factor was important:

“I could have designed a custom case for it, and used custom parts to get the size down and make it look like a store-bought watch, but there was no fun in that! Using off-the-shelf parts was a real challenge and in the end was the most satisfying aspect of the project”

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  1. My prediction is that any electronics item that is not programmable will have 1/10th the lifetime of anything that is.

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