Future Wristwatch technology will sense your movement

Microsoft has developed an exciting new technology called SideSight that allows you to control a device with touch screen like gestures without the need of a touch screen surface. This is made possible via tiny optical sensors that interpret your finger movements near the device.

According to the team behind the project, touch screen can be impractical on wristwatches or other devices because there isn’t enough screen real estate and even if cases where the device is large enough to make it practical, the interacting fingers cover up parts of the display thus making it harder to see the results of an action.

With SideSight, devices with out touch screen interfaces could use similar or more complex gestures.

So, you could twist your hand on either side of the device to rotate objects on screen, pages could be panned and scrolled by moving a hand up and down and you could enter text and move the page at the same time using both hands.

The sensors can read inputs up to 10 centimeters away, just through reflected infrared light.

In the future, Sidesight may also be manufactured by printing organic sensors. This would allow sensors to be placed on the entire casing of the wristwatch.

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