A Clock and a Stool

Tape Measure Clock

Japanese Design collective, N.O.L have a thing for off beat clocks as you can see from the amount of concepts they’ve developed including two where they combined stools with clocks. The first concept is called the Tape Measure Clock that show the current time not only from the front but also from the side.

The Dim clock

The Dim clock indicates the time with LED behind the fabric.

Felt Clock and Stool

The Felt Clock and Stool is an unusual combination where the face of the stool can be reused as a clock.


The ho.ta.ru stool makes a better combo because you can use it as a clock and as a seat. There is LED underneath the seat fabric that shows the time.


The Split splits the two hands with one hand showing only the hour and the other, the minute.


And finally, N.O.L’s sole clock that has been released commercially – The Peep which hides the entire watch face except for the current time. You can buy one from here.

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