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Angular Momentum Illum Aqua

Angular Momentum has built a business around create off beat Swiss made watches that rely more on ornamentation than complicated mechanical contraptions. Their recent three include a illuminated watch, shown above, called the Illum Aqua that charges under light and needs only 10 minutes to glow up to 35 hours.

The glow effect is achieved using ‘Èmail Lumineuse’ which is a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive substance and is a in-house development. The watch is only available in Aqua blue and Pale green.

Angular Momentum Axis Time Spiral

The second is the Axis Time Spiral which is also automatic and has a clever spiral image on the glass.

Angular Momentum Axis XXVI Porthole

And finally, the Porthole is Angular’s take on the revolving disc watches except this one is automatic. This version is patented to Angular. Seiko has also recently launched an automatic revolving disc watch, so that makes two.

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Angular Momentum of Switzerland


  1. Hello there,

    Just noticed your article on Angular Momentum timepieces and wanted to inform, that Angular Momentum of Switzerland is manufacturing mechanical watches with revolving-disks since exactly 10 years now, with many different designs of apertures for the digital display and without.

    Best regards,

    Martin Pauli
    Angular Momentum of Switzerland

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