From October, 2008

Top Ten October Posts

Even though the Oracle watch was the most popular post last month, October’s biggest story on Wrist Fashion based on traffic was the unfortunate Ventura bankruptcy with three entries in the top ten category: 10. Lacoste Concept Watch and More 9. The Honoka Clock 8. Hk08: Interview with Dogn 7. The Future belongs to Personal Sensory Devices 6. Jacob & Co 08/09 5. Rumor: Ventura No More 4. HK08: World’s first color E-ink Watch 3. The complete Ventura Bankruptcy Story 2. The Automatic Digital Watch 1. The Oracle Watches

Interview: Victor of Wize & Ope

Victor Louzon of Wize & Ope Wize & Ope is a new kid on the block – A fashion wristwatch brand that bases its entire concept on customization. You can take a W&O watch and change the design by sliding out design slides and straps and remix it anyway you like. I recently got a chance to take to the creative and one of the partners behind the brand, Victor Louzon: Wrist: How did you guys stumble into this? Victor: It all started when we created the character Wize who is a kid traveling around the world and discovering trends,…

Marc by Marc Jacob

Sure, you could accuse Marc’s wristwatch design to be schizophrenic, for example when I first came across Marc’s line at Basel, they had classic fashion watches mixed with Casio retro knockoffs, but given that today’s affordable fashion watches are nothing but well behaved license extensions that sit safely within their well defined brand direction instead of striking a bold new direction and adding to the visual vocabulary of fashion watches, Marc is a welcome addition. So Kudos, Marc. P.S. See the images for his latest. related links Marc Jacobs Marc by Marc Jacobs at Zappos

The Watch with the Bent Hands

Off beat design studio, Acme’s latest watch by designer Ran Lerner is called the Step watch for obvious reasons – its made of three layers of steel rings and the hands are bent to accomodate the circles. related links Acme Studio

Watch Sculpture

The Flat from Korean artist Gwon Osang where he cut out pictures from magazines to make sculptures and then captured by camera. His work is unconventional In his other exhibit, he create an entire life size 3d person from hundreds of small pictures glued together. related links Osang

182 Dakar watches on the wall*

Wyler’s official Dakar watch is a limited edition of 182 pieces which was the number of competitors in the first-ever Dakar Rally 30 years ago. * The on the wall reference in the title is to the 99 beers on the wall song. related links Wyler

New Wrist Interface Concept

The iPod has inspired a lot of inspiring fan made concepts that are sprinkled all over the internet. However, I was intrigued by Gopinath Prasana’s version of the iPod where he had reduced it to a bangle. The bangle has a small air pump that fits the bangle on to your wrist so it doesn’t move and also has a vertical multi-touch trackpad that you can use to navigate the menu. The wireless in-ear headphone then uses audio to tell you the menu selection as you navigate. I don’t how practical it is to built an air chamber on a…

Charm Bracelet

Van Cleef & Arpels’s new Charms wristwatch in two sizes – 32 mma nd 38 mm with diamonds. related links Van Cleef & Arpels

New Watch Display: Philip’s Liquavista

Liquavista, a spin-off of Philips Research Labs, has launched a new type of display for information devices like wristwatches and cellphones called the ColorBright. Color Bright uses a patented electrowetting technology where a voltage is used to control a layer of colored oil. The colored oil covers the background and acts a layer that can be switched on and off to reveal numbers, text or even graphics. You also have the freedom to define what part of the display you want to cover with the oil so its flexible and the display can be made invisible by matching the background…

A true Carbon Neutral Wristwatch?

Did you hear about the luxury brand that claims to be the world’s first carbon neutral wristwatch brand? Binda Group’s Wyler has gotten itself certified carbon neutral. What that means is that all stages in the production of the watch have been analyzed and have their carbon emissions calculated. This includes all energy used, all waste generated and all transportation required to bring the watches to the company‚Äôs headquarters. The resulting emissions are then offset through projects managed by the CarbonNeutral Company. The brand claims that this move is part of its environmental awareness and aims to maintain this approach…

Watches made of super paper?

Now imagine buying a watch that is made of a material that is 10 times lighter and 500 times stronger than steel and it’s last name is paper. A little hard to swallow? Then meet ‘Buckypaper’, a material made from tube-shaped carbon molecules 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. Currently it can only be made at only a fraction of its potential strength, in small quantities and at a high price. Currently, researchers are predicting that it revolutionize light, energy efficient aircraft and automobiles, but I can easily imagine a high-end luxury brand jumping on the bandwagon. Who wouldn’t…