From September, 2008

The Seiko Line-up

Seiko’s Velatura KDD Yacht If you’ve been following Seiko for the past few years, you’re probably aware that they’ve decided to go a little high-end, but if you didn’t, the following is what their 2008 collection would look like if they were ever called in for a police line-up. Velatura Driver Chrono Velatura Automatic The Spring Drive Spring Drive Chrono Sportura Women Sportura Honda Sportura Driver Chrono The Space Walk Arctura Arctura More Arcturas   related links   Seiko Watches

Hayek and the future of the wristwatch industry

Swatch group’s bossman, Nicholas Hayek thinks that Fossil group and other fashion or mid range watches don’t have much of a future. In a recent interview with an Indian newspaper, the wristwatch baron shared his view about which three segments of the wristwatch industry would survive the onslaught of cellphone and the ipod – First, Technology watches that measure everything from your pulse to your location, Second – $1-30 USD cheap watches for the sole purpose of telling time and the high end “Art form” watches which, according to him, are masterpieces where each component is quote unquote handcrafted by…

Happy Chopard

The Happy Sport Mark by Chopard. Honestly, who comes up with these product names? related links Chopard