From April, 2008

Watches for the Blind

Auguste Reymond’s Braille Charleston Classic quartz watches by Auguste Reymond that allow those visual impared with a way to read time with their fingertips via raised hour-markers and special hands. Auguste Reymond’s Braille Hi-Touch related links Auguste Reymond

Limited Edition Raymond Weil

The New Raymond Weil Nabucco Cuore Caldo The Nabucco Cuore Caldo is a limited edition split-second mechanical chronograph with power reserve indicator. The company will only produce 500 pcs of the model. related links Raymond Weil

Silhouettes in the Dark

Eterna’s Kontiki Watch I haven’t seen this before but it seems pretty obvious enough for it to have been done before – Eterna’s new Kontiki watch has lumibrite (glow in the dark) triangles with the number in the middle that appear as silhouettes when you view it in the dark. related links Eterna


Mogul All new styles from the Swiss people at Century. Primetime Egos related links Century


Edox Classe Royal Chronograph – Back Edox Classe Royal Chronograph – Front related links Edox