From March, 2007

How Ikepod was created

The Ikepod watch founder, Oliver Ike reveals the thought process behind his brand in an article he wrote for the David Report: “..10 years ago I created a watch-brand called Ikepod. By picking one of the most en vogue ikepod designer at that time, Marc Newson, I differentiated the looks of the product from what was available in timepieces on the markets…” (link – scroll down to see article) related links The David Report – Communication through Product Ikepod Marc Newson

Basel World 2007

The world’s leading event for Wristwatches, Baselworld 2007, is coming around the corner, and we’ll be there again once more. More than 90,000 visitors are expected from around the world with 2,100 companies participating in the exhibition. related links Basel World 2007 Basel 2006: Photo Diary

King Gaud

Angular Momentum’s latest is the gaudy Oriental Blossoms. A hand made watch hand carved in high relief, with an amber dial and populated with diamonds. related links Angular Momentum

The Diamond Rotolog

Nixon creates a limited edition diamond studded version of their Rotolog watch without making it look gaudy. The watch contains 764 Full cut white diamonds and 1,087 full cut black ones. Total Carats = 9.25. This is only available at Barney’s in the States. related links Diamond Rotolog

Interview: The man behind the OPUS V*

The OPUS V URWERK 103 Adnan Arif Editor When 31 year old Felix Baumgartner met Jeweler Harry Winston’s Maximilian Brusser at the launch of his designer URWERK 103 in 2003, he was already on top of the world. His orbital cross movement was already getting a lot of attention. But little did he know that his watch was just a prelude. Fate was plotting and unbeknowst to him, he would soon embark on his most inspiring and challenging assignment yet – The limited edition OPUS V, a watch with the world’s first “satellite hour” display. Much Recently, fate once again…