From January, 2007

TAG Heuer win Award

The International Forum Design has awarded Tag Heuer’s Monaco Calibre 360 LS (Linear Second) Concept Chronograph the iF product design award for 2007. The mechanical Monaco Calibr 360 LS is the first ever in the history of watch making to reach an undisputed precision of 1/100th of a second and features a Linear Second for the permanent second. related links TAG Heuer racks up another International Award

Cone Clock

Cone Clock is an interesting student project where instead of a typical clock that consists of a box with a graphical time scale at the front, the clock is reduced to only an hour hand, and any flatsurface becomes the face. According to the project designer, the clock is meant to be personal and subjective. related links Oscar Diaz

The Lepine Belharra

Largely overlooked, The new Lepine brand of watches sports a very interesting case. The watch collection was launched in 2005 and is an extention to the Jean-Pierre Lepine brand of writing instruments. related links Lepine Watches

The O-Ring Watch

The O-ring Digi watch is the latest watch by Philippe Starck for Fossil. It has a unique circular digital display that shows the hours as numbers while the minutes are displayed in segments. As the time passes, the segments make a complete ring every hour. Retail Price is USD 110. related links Philippe Starck for Fossil

How much time you got?

You’re waiting for your next train connection and you’ve got a good thirty minutes left. You’re bored and you don’t know what to do. Enter ‘City Info in Time’, a trainstation infosystem that gives you suggestions about what you can do at your current stop when you have limited time. related links Jan Jannes: City Info in time

Another One

Alternative fashion brand Dpmhi shamelessly ‘borrows’ heavily from Italian icon, Panerai for it’s limited edition watch. This is, however, a symptom of a larger influx of small time fashion labels mining the watch market for ready made cases for their ‘limited’ editions. related links Panerai – Wikipedia Entry Dpmhi’s limited edition watch

Let’s play a game

DKNY (Left), Zenith (Right) Let’s play a game: One of these watches is a blatant rip off of the other, One of these watches just isn’t original, Can you guess which one is a copy of the other by the time I finish my song? Answer: It’s DKNY. Zenith doesn’t make quartz watches anymore and this is one of their old designs. ps. Fossil designs DKNY watches.

Back on Schedule

After going all Rip Van Winkle on all of you, We’re back. We’ll be posting regularly starting today including cleaning out our closet full of old drafts that we wish we had posted on time. Stay tuned.