World’s first Automatic Digital Watch

NOTICE: I’ve been receiving quite a bit of traffic on this particular article. I believe this because a lot of people are looking for information regarding the Ventura bankruptcy. If you would like to learn about it, we’ve covered it here: The Complete Ventura Bankruptcy Story

Switzerland’s digital renegade luxury brand, Ventura, has announced plans for the world’s first automatic digital watch – The V-Tech Sigma ∑ MGS which will generate its own independent, constantly renewable power-source.

The announcement came at the heel of Ventura’s new Sigma watch which comes with Ventura’s patented EasySkroll Knob and operating system, a hardened and scratch-resistant stainless steel case (Durinox) and a price tag of $1,750.

The watch is part of a long term strategy by Ventura to create futuristic and top-end designer watches with the latest technology.

The MGS version will look exactly like the Sigma watch except the Lithium battery would be replaced by a micro-generator powered by the movements of the user’s wrist and the case would use an even more hardened material called Titanox. The generator will be located on the top of the case and will be visible through a sapphire crystal glass for posterity purposes.


It seems I have made a grave error. While Ventura is indeed the manufacturer for the world’s first automatic digital watch, this particular watch is actually the first second generation automatic digital watch. I apparently mis-read the statement in the press release. I apologise for the mistake and will refrain from making excuses for myself.

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  1. Also:


    I have the second watch shown, and have had it for almost a year now. It does use a rotor to power the watch, and displays the time in digital readout, so I’m not sure the watch on your page is the “FIRST” automatic digital watch.


    Also more info:

    Also, if you do a search for “Ventura SPARC fx” you’ll also find earlier references for an automatic digital watch. I believe the BMW auto-digital was a collaboration with Ventura…

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  3. I have a Ventura Sparc digital watch, and I love it. It is an elegant, simple, modernistic watch. I have others (Rolex, Omega, etc) but every morning I get up I strap on my Ventura. It has become part of who I am and I just love it. Great watch!

    Nino Arzon

  4. I would like to buy a Ventura watch but its not available in the Philippines. Where can I buy? Nearest country with stores that carry ventura watches?

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