Diesel’s 2006 Collection

For those not in the know, Fossil designs and distributes watches for a number of famous lifestyle designer brands i.e. Burberry, Diesel and even Giorgio Armani which is a lot of work, mind you and given that I’ve seen too many licensed brands loose their way due to ill-conceived partnerships, it is always good to stop and appreciate a company like Fossil and their work.

The Dz4081 (link)

For example, this year’s new collection of Diesel watches are simply gorgeous with their fusion of materials i.e. the Dz4081 that combines a dark brown leather strap with a black overlay and a gold plated case.

Also, did you know that Diesel had a seperate Swiss Made Automatic collection? I certainly didn’t.

The Diesel Swiss Made Collection

Here’s a few we liked from their new digital / analog collection:

The DZ4085 (link)

The DZ1082 (link)

The DZ2144 (link)

The DZ4093 (link)

The DZ7057 (link)

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  1. What idiot designed the DZ7057? Why is there a universal rule these days that all digital watches have to be chunky, dysfunctional & UGLY!

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