From March, 2006

Diesel’s 2006 Collection

For those not in the know, Fossil designs and distributes watches for a number of famous lifestyle designer brands i.e. Burberry, Diesel and even Giorgio Armani which is a lot of work, mind you and given that I’ve seen too many licensed brands loose their way due to ill-conceived partnerships, it is always good to stop and appreciate a company like Fossil and their work. The Dz4081 (link) For example, this year’s new collection of Diesel watches are simply gorgeous with their fusion of materials i.e. the Dz4081 that combines a dark brown leather strap with a black overlay and…

Red Dot Winner 2006

Designer Arman Emami’s Neolog is this year’s Red Dot Design award winner in the wristwatch category with a watch that, according to their press material, creates a new definition of time even though it’s very suspiciously similar in concept to the Nooka. The Neolog A-24 II lets you tell time by counting the digital bars, so for example: if the first column has 3 bars, the second 2 bars and third 5 bars, then the time is 3:25. The price tag is 189 Euros. related links Neolog Official Website (via Gizmodo & SciFi Tech) Designer Arman Emami’s Website Neolog :…

World’s first Automatic Digital Watch

NOTICE: I’ve been receiving quite a bit of traffic on this particular article. I believe this because a lot of people are looking for information regarding the Ventura bankruptcy. If you would like to learn about it, we’ve covered it here: The Complete Ventura Bankruptcy Story Switzerland’s digital renegade luxury brand, Ventura, has announced plans for the world’s first automatic digital watch – The V-Tech Sigma ∑ MGS which will generate its own independent, constantly renewable power-source. The announcement came at the heel of Ventura’s new Sigma watch which comes with Ventura’s patented EasySkroll Knob and operating system, a hardened…

Sundial Picnic Table

Furniture Designers Fowler & Company have created an etched sundial picnic table. The table offers seating for up to 24 people and lets you know when its time for lunch. related links Fowler and Co.

Dandelion Clock

London based Sennep have created an interactive dandelion clock installation that allows users to use a real electric hair dryer to blow away the seeds of a dandelion. Blowing it apart is a popular past-time for children and the number of blows required to completely rid the clock of its seeds is deemed by many to be the time of day. Mind you, this isn’t really a real clock, but I found the concept intriguing enough. related links Sennep(via Pixel Sumo) Dandelion Clock Video

Twelve 365

Designer Naota Fukasawa will be showcasing his new version of the Twelve watch for Issey Miyake at this year’s Basel exhibition. The new version is called Twelve365 and unlike most chronographs that require precise indication, it retains its simplicity by avoiding the urge to clutter the dial. related links Seiko Instruments: Twelve 365 WF: Issey Miyake’s Twelve Issey Miyake Watch

Vuitton’s new Ana-Digi

The latest incarnation of Louis Vuitton Tambour series is a black analog-digital chronograph. Available in both stainless steel and 18kt rose gold, the case measures 41mm and has a sapphire crystal. It is water resistant to 100 meters.Price begins at 2,300 Euros. related links Louis Vuitton Timezone: Louis Vuitton in Black Ana-Digi

Duvet Body Clock

Loop’s Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl have created a personalised alarm clock that is integrated into your bedding. Drawing inspiration from how light has controlled our body clock by telling us when to sleep and when to wake, the duo have created a pillow and duvet that simulate a natural dawn that ease you into your day by using electroluminescent technology to turn the textile surface into a reactive light source. Apart from the novelty of, the clock is also supposed to treat sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) where insufficient levels of daylight cause medical conditions caused by a…

Bluetooth Cellphone Watch

Seiko Instruments, a division of Seiko, has developed a prototype watch (and a decent looking one at that) which connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Codenamed CPC TR-006, the watch displays information from your cell phone that would otherwise require the person to reach in his or her pocket i.e. network signal strength, battery condition. The watch also alerts you whenever your cellphone receives a call, an SMS or e-mail messages by vibrating or playing a preset ringtone. It also has caller ID, so all you need to do is glance at your wrist and you can see who…

Jaeger LeCoultre Remixed

Haute Horlogerie, Jaeger-LeCoultre, borrows a page from today’s hip hop remix culture by tapping in apparel maestro Dr Romanelli for a collaboration that has produced two exclusive versions of their timepiece – the one with the famous rotating case – The Reverso. The two new versions come with an ingenious strap and tag system that allows the watch to be worn in various ways on the cuffs of four special edition hand-finished Dr. Romanelli jackets.

Camera Watch

Watch Personals: Camera Watch. Color display, Built-in storage. Can take up to 36 “high resolution” images. Can cook and clean and enjoy walks on the beach. Looking for a home. Call 30X0000 related links Gadget Madness