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January 16, 2006

Motofwrd Watch

Put together a nationwide competition where you ask emerging innovators to depict the future of seamless mobility, and you are bound to have a scenario or two where the wristwatch retains its mantle as the interface of choice. Take the MOTOFWRD competition for example, one of their finalist enteries involves a swiss army equivalent gadget that combines your phone, GPS system, credit card and pda into one special inteface that combines a specially-equipped glasses and a wristwatch. (Read in Detail (PDF))

Judges include our own weblog celeb, Cory Doctorow.

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January 15, 2006

Form Award Winner 2005

This gorgeous minimal wristwatch by Nexxon Design was the winner of the FORM Design Award in Frankfurt this year. This design comes in both in a Japanese Automatic Movement (Citizen Miyota 8205) or a Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement. Available under the name of Prima Vista for a price between 130-198 Euros.

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January 14, 2006

Interfacing with Nature

The Sundial Watch created by Artist Amy Franceschini of the design colllective, Future farmers, is a reactionary sculpture to the ubiquity of technological devices in our daily lives. Amy hopes that her watch will remind us of what we are leaving behind – our reliance on nature for our Swiss Army gadgets. She intends it as a reminder to depend on nature because while our technological crutches may break down, the sun, on the other hand, will always rise in the morning and set in the evening, and the length of the winter days will always be shorter than the summer days. (More Photos)

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January 13, 2006

About Time

Seasoned Inventor Greg E. Blonder writes in about his concept watch called the “About Time” that does away with accuracy and only tells “approximate” time. “Most of the Swiss producers look somewhat askance when you suggest a watch that tells only *approximate* time”, he writes in. Digital precision, according to him, is not only unnecessary but a disadvantage. A more human time scale is an approximate phrase like “It’s about 1 pm” instead of a 12:58 am. “Digital watches make it all too easy to miss a meeting believing it is closer to noon than to one.” he adds. So instead of showing the accurate time, the About Time LCD displays the nearest hour in the center of the watch i.e. It’s about 1pm, It’s Around 6 o’clock, Slight After 3, Nearly 5 fourty five. etc.

The watch isn’t available commercially yet, but Greg hopes to have it out soon. When I first received this in my email, I sent Greg a link to a similar watch by Fossil to which he replied: “That’s disturbing, because I contacted Fossil twice about a license 4 years ago. But, as far as I can tell, the Gehry watch still displays “exact” time, just with phrases. My watch displays “approximate time”, with a wide variety of words and colloquialisms. As does the linear display- the idea is to break the tyranny of rigid time- “”its about half past 10″, rather than “27 past 10″.

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January 12, 2006

Wrist Cam-Phone

A wristwatch that lets you take pictures, make phone calls and also tell the time! :D I swore I would never make any Dick Tracy references and I don’t intend to fall off the wagon today, but then again…

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Year of the Digital Lifestyle

As digital technology continues to slide into the fashion accessory category, I think it should be important to take note of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates’s speech at this year’s CES show:

“Technology has revolutionized how we listen to music, watch TV, play games, communicate and manage and share personal information,” he said. “2006 is going to be a big year for the digital lifestyle.”

(Related: Wrist Fashion: Rear View Mirror)

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January 7, 2006

2006 Weblog Awards

Ahoy Mates! If you’re a regular reader of Wrist Fashion and think we deserve a nomination at this year’s Weblog awards, then hop over to the bloggies website and nominate us. :)

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2006 Bloggies Award

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