Jacob’s New Store

Design Magazine, Frame, has published an interesting article on the design of Jacob Arabo’s new Diamond mine inspired Manhattan store:

“Russian-born jeweller Jacob Arabo, who started out as an immigrant in New York City, is currently living the American dream. From a rough stall in the Diamond District, Arabo made his name (today they call him ‘Jacob the Jeweler’: no kidding) by designing opulent accoutrements for the celebrity elite – rapper 50 Cent, actress Angela Bassett and model Gisele Bundchen wear his watches – and by carrying on the centuries-old tradition of creating precious objects for royalty. Arabo banks on the fact that gems remain a must-have sign of success in a country that adores its status symbols. To represent Arabo’s accomplishments and to highlight the sumptuousness of his designs, the New York-based Arnell Group Innovation Lab used the diamond mine as the central metaphor for the Jacob & Company New York flagship store, which they completed last winter.

In geology, a stratum is a bed or layer of sedimentary rock having approximately the same composition throughout; in society, a stratum is a level of the population with a similar social, cultural or economic status. The horizontal organization (both physical and financial) of the mine lent itself tidily to the demands of a jewellery shop. The sleekly beautiful translation of the mine, with its veins and layers, into a retail environment was assisted by the Arnell Group’s clever use of Corian and computer-controlled milling to create three types of strata in the showroom for storage, display and lighting.”

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