Ventura’s Creativ Sparc

SPARC rx is Ventura’s latest product offering – a watch with an automatic rotating bezel.

When it comes to digital watches, few luxury watchmakers have been as successful as Ventura, the rare brand that has built most of its future on luxury digital watches.

With several design awards under the belt, Ventura’s watches are all about attention to detail, for example, their watches are either created with Titanox, a hardened, scratch-resistant titanium or Durinox, a steel with the same hardening applied. In addition to that, the digital Type is customized and each new watch face involves working the world-famous typographer, Adrian Frutiger.

Prices range from $690 to $4400.

Miss V – I simply love the combination of the dress watch look with the digital aesthetic, especially in the model on the left, the one with the gold plating.

V-tec Alpha is their bread and butter. An award winning design that comes With an Easy Skroll key for better navigation. (Download Video (6mb))

V-matic EGO Square – One of my favourite analog watches by Ventura

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