From November, 2005

Rolex Remixed

Moschino’s Rolex Band Any introduction to wristwatches is incomplete without mentioning the Rolex. The century old watch brand has near cult icon status (or is a status icon as most would argue) with it’s signature look which, despite its inaccessibility, is as familiar down the street as it is at a posh reception. Replicas populate street corners, and one is more likely to wear one of them than the genuine article. But rather than just wear a copy and play pretend, you could always choose to pay tribute instead by getting one of these: The Moschino Rolex Band, for example,…

A Brand at 21

What do you do if your father is the co-founder of the famous Franck Muller brand? Do you follow in his footsteps or do you forge your own path? Sassoun Sirmakes does both. Only twenty one years old, Sassoun has created his own brand – the Custos. A more high-tech, contemporary watch than his father’s. Retail Price: $7500. related links CVSTOS

Ventura’s Creativ Sparc

SPARC rx is Ventura’s latest product offering – a watch with an automatic rotating bezel. When it comes to digital watches, few luxury watchmakers have been as successful as Ventura, the rare brand that has built most of its future on luxury digital watches. With several design awards under the belt, Ventura’s watches are all about attention to detail, for example, their watches are either created with Titanox, a hardened, scratch-resistant titanium or Durinox, a steel with the same hardening applied. In addition to that, the digital Type is customized and each new watch face involves working the world-famous typographer,…

GPS Watch

According to Engadget, the latest GPS wristband to be coming out in 2006 looks more and more like a watch than its predessors. Other features in the watch include a heart rate monitor, speed, distance, pace, and calorie trackers, and a waterproof body. related links Engadget: Garmin to Announce Forerunner

Stanley Power Tools

If Home Depot sold watches, these would be it – Stanley has launched a line of wristwatches with built in tools. So whether you’ve always wanted to carry a measuring tape or a screwdriver in your pocket, now you can with these handy gizmos.

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve

The Main Event Each year, for the last five years, an international jury of watch experts from all walks of the industry gather together and select the year’s best in 10 categories from a short-listed collection of timepieces by the world’s most prestigious watchmakers. Prix de ‘L’Aiguille d’Or’ (Winner) : Vacheron Constantin, Tour de l’lle This year, Vacheron Constantin took top prize for their Tour de l’lle which sold for a record $1.5 million in an auction this year. This was the most ever paid for a wristwatch. The other winners were:

Digital Inspired

Icon Watch &Design, a Japanese design quartet, donned their hoods and raided digital iconography for their two concept watches – Icon and LED. The watches are part of the group’s new design theme – “Characterized Design” that was recently exhibited at 100% Design in Tokyo. The idea behind the theme is to restructure qualities of objects in detail until there is no border between the graphic and the product. No word yet about whether these watches will be produced. LED Watch related links &

Philippe Starck + Richard Mille

Watchmarker Richard Mille has collaborated with designer Philippe Starck for it’s new watch. Based upon the automatic movement of the RM 005-1 and using the same trademark Richard Mille titanium screw case construction seen in the collection, the watch contains a number of technical innovations that apply cutting-edge materials in combination with a finish reserved only for haute horlogerie. The estimated price is between 90,000 EUR – 120,000 EUR

Only Watch 2005

Richard Mille, Starck, The Richard Mille by Philippe Starck, Automatic Caliber RM 005-1. Unique Model 1/1. Estimated Value : 90,000 EUR – 120,000 EUR Price Sold: 285,000 EUR 34 of the world’s celebrated watchmakers produced 34 original first edition watches for a charity auction at the Monte Carlo Yacht Show. Called the “Only Watch 2005″, the auction raised € 1,907,000 for medical research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrohy, a genetic illness which affects 1 in every 3,500 children each year. The most noteworthy watch on auction was Richard Mille’s collaboration with Philippe Starck (RM 005-1) which sold for 285,000 EUR, despite…