Poor Man’s Omega

Remember how you felt your little heart strings stretch with envy when James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) used his Omega Seamaster Professional as a laser gun and cut through the steel floor of an armoured train? Or remember how much you wanted one when he used it later as a detonator to setoff mines to destroy the Cuban control room for the rogue satellite?

Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that (there are support groups that I can refer to), but according to Jeff Marton, there’s a poor man’s version out there – It’s called the iBeam and its a watch with a built in magnifying glass and small flash light and Jeff apparently used it to fix his bike’s tyre, by “popping open the lens and using the sun to heat up and seal the patch”. Of course, once it got fixed, he furiously cycled home, logged on to his computer and emailed iBeam his testimonial which made me wonder about what he might’ve been high on.

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