Sundial for the 22nd Century

Designer Gina Reimann looks to the past for inspiration with her nomination for concept watch of the future. Billed as a sundial for the 22nd century, the Orbit use natural sunlight to tell the time with the help of a simple compass interface. At night, pushing a button illuminates a bright LED that simulates the sun’s shadow. And if that isn’t enough, there’s also a digital display of ‘world’ time – a hypothetical international time without time zones.

No word on whether this will will ever see the ‘light’ of day.

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  2. I would love one of these. However, my knowledge of sundials tells me that it would be impractical to actually have a working sundial, I do very much like the idea of the “artificial sun” in the form of led’s to cast the shadow. However why not a single always lit led that rotates around the bevel indicating the time? This solves the “latitude” problem of standard sundials. This would be really cool because you would in essence have both a moon-dial and a sundial because it could be read 24 hours a day in any geography.

    How do we make this a reality? This would be a seriously cool watch -

    Not necessary, but one last thought.
    Additionally the “face” could be a standard “LCD” watch that could be set to any of the normal 24 time zones.

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