They buy the story

Seth Godin, marketing guru and author, recently wrote about celebrity endorsements and refers to Omega’s Pierce Brosnan deal in a recent entry in the book blog of his latest book – “All Marketers are Liars”:

“One of my favorite silly endorsements is Pierce Brosnan endorsing Omega. They’re not paying Pierce because they care about Pierce’s opinion (or that you care about his opinion). They’re paying him because he embodies a fictional character, invented fifty years ago by a now-dead author.

So, otherwise rational and intelligent men spend hundreds or thousands of dollars extra to buy a watch endorsed by a fictional character controlled by anonymous film producers and embodied by an actor. Because it makes them feel good. They buy the story.”

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  2. Follow the leader, Patek Philippe, who doesnt believe in a celebrity or any other person to endorse their brand. For them, the brand is bigger than anyone outthere….. and they very much reign the arena of haute horlogerie…

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