From March, 2005

Wrist pod

If there is one thing you’ve got to admire about the Apple Ipod, it’s how it has captured everyone’s imagination. Do a web search and you’re likely to find a few hundred wishlist prototypes by amateurs and professionals alike, like the five commissioned by Business 2.0 for their magazine, which includes a wrist-worn model that would wirelessly beam tunes to your earbuds or headphones via bluetooth. And yes, it tells time. related links Business 2.0 : Re-Imagining Apple: Apple Gear We Hope to See

The V-Rambo

There’s nothing really to write about the new Video Wristwatch by the Israeli Army except for its dorky name – The V-Rambo. The watch will be used to receive video transmissions directly from drones in real time at 30 frames per second and are intended to used for “urban warfare”. (And we very well know where it is going to be used.) related links ‘Wrist Video’ Gives Israeli Army an Edge (via i4u)