Wall Clock Redefined

This gives new meaning to the word “Wall Clock” – Three designers from the Royal College of Art (The very same university where the designer behind the Paper Clock was from) have come up with an innovative use of heating elements and ink that allows graphics, words and numbers to be displayed within a concrete.

Very similar in concept to the paper clock, the “Chronos Chromos Concrete” as it is called, uses Thermochromic ink, which is mixed with the concrete.

Nickel chromium wires are set beneath the concrete surface, which heats up when an electric current passes through. When a certain temperature is reached, the concrete above the wire changes color, thus creating the visual.

Of course, the display of graphics and information depends on the arrangement of the wires.

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  1. its a very very different thing and ya i’ll like to have something like this in my house . its trendy and simple
    that the bigest thing technology with smiplicity

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