Progression of Time

Name: Key Calendar
Size: W205mm x D30mm x H80mm 

Rather than focus on just telling time, Japanese design gurus, Nendo’s time products focus on the passage of time – First up is their Key Calender, which is basically a calender with key holes that indicate months, weeks and days. By inserting each key, the design expresses the feeling of opening a new door everyday.

Name: CIBONE Time
Material: Ceramic

CIBONE, on the other hand, is a dishware collection with colors at the bottom back of the cups and plates. The colors vaguely appear through the reflection on the table.

Each dishware has a different color and it changes during the course of the meal, from orange to red, purple to blue like the colors of the sky in the evening. The designers call it “the compass of the urban adventure person” – for people who tend to lose the feeling of time and can thus link the progress of time with the change in color.

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