Casio’s new notoriety

If you are travelling by air in the United States and wear a Casio, you might just have your brand loyalty tested – The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have issued a warning that Casio watches with built-in altimeters can be used to detonate bombs:

“Recent intelligence suggests al-Qaida has expressed interest in obtaining wristwatches with a hidden butane-lighter function and Casio watches with an altimeter function. Casio watches have been extensively used by al-Qaida and associated organizations as timers for improvised explosive devices. The Casio brand is likely chosen due to its worldwide availability and inexpensive price.”

However, the watches will not be banned from planes. Instead, screeners will probably make you go through additional screening if they find your Casio a bit suspicious, so leave it behind if you’re going to be late for a flight.

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