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Follow the rabbit further down the hole and you’ll find that any discussion about the future of wrist watches will somehow lead us to cell phone technology – whether it may be about atomic clocks, next generation materials, new interfaces* , or time applications, it seems as if their destiny is intertwined, which if you give it a moment’s thought, isn’t surprising given how ubiquitous they are as a personal technology today. **

So when Sony Ericsson put together a concept phone design competition, it wasn’t exactly a stretch that one of the entries would be a wrist-watch/phone concept. In fact, I’m somewhat disappointed there weren’t many more***, but since this is the classiest interpretation I’ve seen, I think it makes more than up for it.

* A better take on the Finger Whisper

** I know that the paper and pencil is really the most ubiquitous technology, so please refrain from flaming me. :)

*** They had another design with a small Ronda movement, but i didn’t think it was worth writing about. (picture below)

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