Vice Versa

Let’s be real, how many of you actually wear your watch just to tell time.

Baume et Mercier thinks you don’t. They have just launched a new woman’s watch called “Vice Versa”. What is different is that you wear the timeface on the inside of your wrist, while the other part of the band that you wear on the outside features a stainless steel jeweled buckle.

So when you want to see the time, you just turn your wrist, slide down an additional buckle and read your concealed watch. Otherwise the buckle makes for nice fashion strap. The watch also comes in a diamond version. For a better look, see the image below: (click more to view)

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Baume et Mercier: Vice Versa


  1. Great Idea. I have been wearing a rolex like that on the inside of my wrist for years. It is much easier to read the time. Am I alone on this or does anyone else do the same?

  2. Just echoing j’s comment. I think it’s a very stylish, classy design and innovation. I wear a Seiko (Swiss Army for casual) with the face on the inside of my wrist. I’ve always worn a watch that way, and it does feel natural whenever I check the time.

  3. excellent stuff. Do you have an RSS feed? And also will it be cool if I added your feed to a site of mine? I have a site which pulls content out of RSS feeds via a couple of websites and I would like to add yours, a lot of folks do not mind since I link back and everything but I like to get authorization first. Anyhow let me know if you can, thank you.

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