None of the Above

So HR:Watches, a print magazine about fine timepieces, hyped up their next issue in their latest newsletter:

NOA…a new watch company that you will be seeing and hearing more about.

NOA means “None of the Above.”

The cases are very well done. The hand application of indices on the dial is refreshing from such a new watch company. NOA is one of the watches that will be featured in the “Basel Issue” as one of the most important new watch companies to come along.

The most important new watch companies will include what I believe are the best innovations, styles, case work and design. This is not a formal or a scientific or an award giving selection.

These watch companies each have something to say and each contributes in its own way to a new era in the Swiss watch business.

The “old school” watch companies may be going the way of “Your father’s type of automobile.”

It’s been a long time since Franck Muller came on the scene with his new watches and now there are some new Franck Muller types.

The next Franck Muller? hardly. A search on google brought up NOA and a not so impressed look on my face.

None of the above, indeed.

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