The Emperor’s New Watch

If you haven’t seen Baume et Mercier’s Vice Versa yet, then scroll down a few posts. But just in case your scroll wheel is punctured and you’re too lazy to scroll down, Vice Versa was Baume et Mercier’s new women’s watch that “didn’t impose time” (actual quote from product copy -ed) on the wearer – the watch bit was safely hidden away under the wearer’s wrist with a part of bracelet covering it. (see post)

After all, who would want to suffer from the constact pressure of wearing a regular watch, with its hands constantly reminding you of time quickly passing by.

Would you?

But wait a minute, wouldn’t wearing the time piece under the wrist be just as stressful? It’s almost like having monsters under your bed, I tell you.

Enter fashion superstar, Helmut Lang, with their new men’s bracelet from their 2004/2005 collection, which goes one step further – it dumps the watch altogether! (Gasp!) How revolutionary! Go out and get one now!*

*Just in case anyone took me seriously (I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some out there that would), I was just kidding around.

That’s it for this year, wish you a happy new year and if there is a site outage in a day or two, it’s just us moving hosts so we can better serve you.


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