Diet Guardian Angel

With the amount of sensor jewelry prototypes out there, I should be putting together a whole seperate category just for them.

This one called’s PiNA (Personal Intelligent Nutrition Aid) is a jewelry pendant that helps its wearer make better eating choices. It has a sensor that would read, within ten inches, the particles that are given off by food. It would then analyze their carbohydrate, calorie, sodium, cholesterol and even bacterial contents and, through a range of gentle vibrations, discretely alert users of the nutritional benefits or drawbacks of what they’re about to consume.

Designed by design veteran Eric Chain, the device was part of this year’s United States exhibit at the Annual Saint Etienne International Design Biennale was centered around obesity and how people could be made aware of what, how, or how much they eat.

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  1. Not yet. It’s still a concept but this is the future, so expect to see it soon in one form or the other.

  2. there was a thing i read about earlier – sensor dusts that could act as sensors. i’ll add the url once i look for it.

  3. Hello.

    The ‘PINA’ word is meaning in the hungarian language is “pussy” or “slut”…
    (excuse me for the explicit text).
    I think in the hungarian market, it needs to change the name… :-))))))

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